Our Funded Companies



2DI designs and builds sophisticated temperature and humidity controls to protect vaccines and medicines, art treasures, food products, and high-value materials stored in refrigerators, freezers, and warehouses.

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3H Company

3H Company LLC is a start-up technology company, located in Lexington, KY. 3H Company's business is in the area of research and development of clean energy technology.

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3P Pharmaceuticals

3P Pharmaceuticals seeks to use peptide phage-display to develop biomarkers, research reagents, and therapeutics for multiple diseases and conditions.

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Advanced Dynamics

Advanced Dynamics is a high-tech firm specializing in 4M modeling and simulation, including aeroelasticity, aeroservoelasticity, aeroservothermoelasticity and propulsion.

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Alcomed Inc - developing medication, intranasally delivered naloxone, for the prevention and treatment of overdose from narcotic medications.

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ALKYMOS Inc. designs, synthesizes and manufactures chelators (chemicals that bind metals), and creates chelator-based devices for laboratory, industrial, and human applications.

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AllTranz Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company, a leader in the development of innovative pharmaceutical products delivered via unique dermal solutions to treat a variety of neuroscience disorders.

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Allylix - proprietary natural products for the flavor, fragrance, and insect repellent markets.

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ALT BioScience

ALT BioScience LLC's test strip technology consists of point-of-care diagnostic applications in the detection and monitoring of oral health conditions for professionals and consumers.

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Angiomics Inc develops and markets innovative solutions for 3D vascular and vascularized tissue systems for research, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic applications.  

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APIQ Semiconductor

APIQ Semiconductor LLC was founded to develop a pure-play semiconductor water foundry in Louisville, KY. The company is developing a number of high voltage, high power device technologies for motor drivers, power supply systems (including data centers), and renewable energy systems.

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Assenti LLC is a Micro/Nanotechnology company providing custom fabrication and design services with expertise in next-generation ophthalmic applications, such as IOP measurement.

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Brockman-Hastings LLC seeks to reduce vision loss for glaucoma sufferers by creating a simple, accurate, and clinically acceptable sensor for monitoring intraocular pressure (IOP).

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Buswell Energy

Buswell Energy focuses on improvements in transformers and other inductive devices to increase energy efficiency in operation and reduce cost to manufacture.

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Calculingua is a web application for scientists that provides the high quality statistical analysis previously only available through complicated or expensive desktop software. 

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The primary focus of customKYnetics Inc. is to design and develop systems that use electrical stimulation in modalities that have the potential to build muscle mass, strength, and endurance or to promote motor retraining.

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Direct i2i

Direct i2i, founded in 2006, focuses on high definition video and audio collaboration solutions.

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Dose Control

Dose Control LLC researches, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative dispenser solutions to deter prescription drug abuse and increase medication adherence.

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ECM Biosciences

ECM Biosciences LLC is a life science research company that develops innovative diagnostic tools for research related to cancer, neuropathology, cardiovascular disease, and immune dysfunction.

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Exatherm LLC

Exatherm LLC is dedicated to the development of devices for hyperthermic therapies to treat cancer, including a novel whole-body circulatory hyperthermia system.

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Exercize Innovations


Exercize Innovations LLC was founded in 2013 by Dr. Jason Crandall with the mission to create innovative and effective health promotion programs that positively change lives.

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Based on NASA technology, Minds-in-Motion utilizes balance exercises, gymnastics, and applied technology to strengthen the brain's ability to process and organize information.

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MosquitoMate develops and brings to market innovative technologies in the area of mosquito control, focusing on existing deficiencies, invasive species, and important disease vectors.

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Biotechnology company, Naprogenix Inc, has revolutionized the process for mining native and crop plants for novel products with enhanced bioactivity.

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nGimat specializes in R&D and the manufactur of engineered nanomaterials in the areas of nanopowers, dispersions, graphene products and thin flim coatings.

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Oraceuticals Inc. is engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of drugs, nutraceuticals, natural products, and discoveries that advance oral treatment, improve oral health, and enrich lives.

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Orthopeutics LP was founded to develop and commercialize micro-invasive solutions for soft-tissue disorders. Orthopeutics' three spin-out companies are continuing to develop novel healthcare solutions.

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ParaTechs Corp. - developing innovative technologies and bringing novel products to market, to enable discovery and development in biotechnology.

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Rigid Solutions


Rigid Solutions' proprietary technology, Rigid Solvent TM Extraction, innovates the cleanup of chemical reactions in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, and can also improve sample analysis methodologies.

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Scout Diagnostics

Scout Diagnostics - targeting Alzheimer's disease. A patent covering the test was issued on December 13, 2010. In September 2010, the company received a grant from NIH for $951,000.

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Sequela Inc, a Kentucky-based biotechnology company formed in 2005, focuses on design of medical diagnostics for renal diseases and conditions sequelae of sodium and water retention.

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Signal Solutions


Signal Solutions provides innovative solutions for automated tracking of animal behavior and processing of biological signals with a particular focus on large-scale genomic projects in mice. 

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Stallion Therapeutics

Stallion Therapeutics Inc - pharmaceutical company developing neuroprotective and neurorestorative compounds for traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and other acute neurological disorders.

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Topasol LLC is a world leader in the research and development of in-situ formation of nanoparticles for use in specialty coatings and composites.

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TutorGen Inc. Builds back-end educational software that adapts to individual learners using a data-driven, human-centered approach so that students can learn more material in less time.

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Vivorte' - strength for life. Bone graft substitutes and innovative orthopedic devices, taking a balanced approach to strength and biology.

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West Wind Power


West Wind Power specializes in analytics and big data, computational fluid dynamics consulting, 3D prototyping work, wind energy devices and systems, predictive analytics and data mining.

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